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Английские правила

Celestine Celestine #1
Если кто-то разжился английской версией правил, не могли бы вы ей со мной поделиться? Тогда я тоже смогу подключиться к переводу.

Пока я надергала кое-какие отрывки на английском, но, насколько я поняла, они не совпадают стопроцентно с немецкими. Даже не знаю, стоит ли их переводить, в таком случае.

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Two-Voiced Singing (Advantage)
Two-Voiced Singing is an ability possessed by elves. With it, they can sing magical elven songs. When singing, the elf’s voice sounds as if a second voice is harmonizing with the first one.
Rules: A hero can use Two-Voiced Singing and can learn magical elven songs. The hero can use the application Two-Voiced Singing for the skill Singing.
Prerequisites: Race, culture, or profession must have Two-Voiced Singing as an automatic or suggested advantage.

Annoyed by Minor Spirits (Disadvantage)
Minor spirits are small elemental creatures that are not inherently dangerous but can be very annoying. Some spellcasters attract minor spirits to themselves when using magic.
Rules: Each time the spellcaster spends AE, the player rolls 1D20. If the result is lower than or equal to the amount of AE spent, minor spirits appear and harass the spellcaster. The GM decides what kind of minor spirits appear, depending on the situation. Examples include windbags, which make the spellcaster’s hair blow around, tearlings that sit under the eyes, and firescuttles, which can heat or burn the spellcaster’s possessions. All skill checks suffer a penalty of 1 due to the minor spirit’s distraction. Even if you attract more than one type of minor spirit at the same time, the penalty does not increase. Minor spirits stay around for 10 minutes and then disappear.
Prerequisites: Advantage Spellcaster

Hair-Bound Power (Disadvantage)
A portion of a magic user’s power is bound to the spellcaster’s hair, which grows very quickly regardless of its length. This disadvantage is especially common among elves and witches.
Rules: A hero who loses some hair for any reason (by cutting, fire, and so on; length doesn’t matter), also loses 10 points of AE immediately (minimum 0). AE lost in this manner regenerates the usual way. Hair lost due to everyday shedding doesn’t activate this disadvantage.

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Many say that Thorwalian culture consists only of bellowing, brawling and boozing. But this is only one side of the coin, as the combative north men are more faceted than it appears at first glance. The people of the Thorwalers produced some of the best sailors of Aventuria, feared on all western coasts as pirates and robbers. The enmity the north men feel for the slavers of the deep south and their hatred for whalers are well-known, as they worship the divine whale Swafnir as highest among the gods. The landscape is rugged and primal.

South of the eternal ice lies the Bornland, situated on the banks of the rivers Born and Walsach. Bustling seafaring trade marks its capital Festum and makes it one of the biggest cities of Aventuria. Beyond the free cities, the bronnjars reign: these noble landowners wield unrestricted control over their territories and rule their bondsmen with iron fists. The rest of the land is thickly forested, and you often find the ruins of ancient castles and forts, reminders that the Bornland was once conquered by the Rondrian Theater Knights.

The Far North
The far north of the world, where the pale, flickering North Star, also called Ifirn‘s Light, is the only light source in winter, is caught in the frosty embrace of eternal cold. The names of the regions here, like the Clashfrostdesert and the Grimfrostwastes, show the terrors that await all travelers. The northern-most island is the Yeti Land, home of the wild snow-men. There are few creatures living in the eternal ice that have a liking for humans. The rough tribes of the Fjarninger ice barbarians live here, just as the mysterious firn elves, who avoid most contact with other intelligent creatures.

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Horse Faker (General Special Ability)
Horse fakers know ways to make old or sick animals look better or hide their sickness to get the best possible price.
Rules: makes horses, ponies, and other livestock look healthier or younger than they really are. The character gains the new application Horse Faker for the skill Commerce. Roll twice when making a check using Commerce (Haggling) to sell livestock, keeping the better result. To see through this kind of deception, the target must make a competitive check using Animal Lore (Domesticated Animals) against the horse faker’s Animal Lore (Domesticated Animals).
Prerequisites: Animal Lore 8, Commerce 4

Takedown (Combat Special Ability)
Use a polearm to knock an enemy down.
Rules: Your attack suffers a penalty of 4, and your opponent may defend. If your attack succeeds and the opponent’s defense fails, the opponent falls down and gains the state of prone. This attack does 1D3 DP (ignoring PRO).
Penalty: -4
Prerequisites: STR 13
Combat Techniques: Polearms

Forbidden Gates (Magic Special Ability)
You can substitute life points for arcane energy.
Rules: You can use LP instead of AE to cast spells. You must spend at least 1 AE per spell. Doing so is very painful and requires a successful Self-Control check. If the check fails, so does the spell (and like any failed spell, you must pay half the normal cost). You must pay for spells with AE first, and can only draw from LP when too few AE remain to pay for the spell.
Requirements: COU 12

Focus (Blessed Special Ability)
The hero is harder to distract while casting liturgical chants or ceremonies. Checks using Self-Control (Ignore Distractions) receive a bonus of 1.
Prerequisites: COU 13

Vigilance (Fate Point Special Ability)
A character with Vigilance can sense a dangerous situation before it happens. Examples include an animal attack or an ambush by a robber gang.
Rules: A hero suffering from the state of surprised can spend one FtP to remove the state at once.
Prerequisites: None

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Southern Lands

In the south lies the Empire of Al’Anfa. Its capital of the same name, sometimes called the Boil of the South, is filled with intrigues and decadence. There a stranger’s life is worth only what it can fetch in the slave markets. Most slaves are sold to great landowners, and work farms and groves to increase their owners’ wealth.

The jungles of the Far South and the Forest Islands are home to the Utulus and the Forest Folk, whose daily struggles for survival include facing threats from Al’Anfan manhunters and other slavers. Off the coast, the Southern Sea is dotted with countless small, selfgoverned islands ruled by colonists or pirates. Here, it is rumored, one can find legendary buried treasures or even set sail for the unexplored continent of Uthuria.

Beyond the mountains to the east of the Horasian Empire, Novadi tribes rule the huge Khôm Desert. Many caravans fall victim to the unforgiving Khôm and these nomadic warriors of the Caliphate. The Novadi people worship a single god named Rastullah, and just sneer at polytheistic outsiders (whom they consider ignorant heathens.)

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Lucky Fingers (Cantrip)
The spellcaster can pick a desired item from a vast number of objects by chance. It’s possible to draw a certain card in a card game, draw exactly the coin desired from a pouch, or choose the right key from a ring with dozens. The spellcaster must know the desired item and it must be present.
Range: Self
Duration: Immediate
Target Category: Objects
Property: Clairvoyance

Disruptivo (Spell)
An anti-magical formula that makes spells harder to cast within a defined area. This spell was invented as a training aid to make tests more difficult for magical apprentices.
Effect: This basic anti-magic spell impairs all kinds of magic in a radius of QL x 2 yards around the spellcaster. It does so by issuing vibrations that disrupt surrounding arcane patterns. It imposes a penalty (based on QL—see below) on all checks for spells and rituals either cast in the area or taking effect there. Disruptivo affects your own spells, as well. Before casting, you must declare whether the zone will move with you or remain stationary.
QL 1: Penalty -1
QL 2: Penalty -2
QL 3: Penalty -3
QL 4: Penalty -4
QL 5: Penalty -5
QL 6: Penalty -6
Casting Time: 8 Actions
AE Cost: 8 AE (casting) + 4 AE per 5 minutes
Range: Self
Duration: Sustained
Target Category: Zone
Property: Anti-Magic
Traditions: General
Improvement Cost: B

Fighting Stick (Spell)
This spell, known mainly to witches, gives a broom or other wooden stick the semblance of life.
Effect: The target broom or other staff attacks a target of your choice at a distance of up to 8 yards (after casting the spell, both target and broom can move farther away from the witch). The broom is unbreakable for the duration of the spell and is considered a magical weapon that makes 1 attack per combat round. It cannot use combat maneuvers. Its stats are INI 12+1D6, AT 8 (+QL x 3), DP 1D6+3, MOV 12. If the broom kills its target before the duration expires, or the enemy somehow flees, it attacks another target at random within 16 yards (this might even be the caster). If no target is within range at that time, the spell ends. To grab the broom, you must make a successful attack with Brawling and the special ability Grapple (the broom/staff has PA equal to half its AT, Feat of Strength 10, and 14 in all relevant attributes).
Casting Time: 2 Actions
AE Cost: 4 AE (casting) + 2 AE per combat round
Range: 16 yards
Duration: Sustained
Target Category: Objects
Property: Telekinesis
Traditions: Witch
Improvement Cost: B

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The Middenrealm and Selected Neighbors
The Dark Eye Aventuria RegionsThe Middenrealm (1) stretches through the heart of Aventuria. It is an empire nominally ruled by the young Empress Rohaja, but is in reality controlled by powerful regional lords and ladies. The land is home to chivalrous knights as well as grim dwarves that live in huge underground cities. The capital of the realm is Gareth, by far the largest city in all of Aventuria. Gareth alone is so huge and diverse that the city can spawn hundreds of interesting, dangerous, and entertaining adventures.

In the plains along the northwestern border of the Middenrealm lie the Orclands (2), where the orcs of Aventuria make their home. Called “coal pelts” by many humans due to their heavy black fur, orcs are always at war with the neighboring empire, and are usually thought to be barbaric, cruel, brutal, and willing to test their strength against anyone stupid enough to challenge them.

South of Thorwal are the two small kingdoms of Nostria (4) and Andergast (5). Most people believe those realms to be somewhat antiquated and underdeveloped. They have a long and very tangled history of border disputes and wars, as they consider themselves “dearest enemies.”

South of the Middenrealm, the progressive Horasian Empire (6) is home to artists and poets. The cities of this fertile land are ruled by patricians, nobles, and councilors who strive constantly to outdo their rivals or weaken them via intrigue. The ruler of the realm is called the Horas, a man who, as the son of a dragon, governs with uncanny foresight.

Just off the Horasian coast lies the archipelago of the Cyclops Islands (7), wooded home of cyclopes, minotaurs, and fairies. Politically, the islands belong to the Horasian Empire, but their human population has a unique culture of their own, very different from their cousins on the mainland.
The Shadowlands (15) was once a province of the Middenrealm. Some years ago they fell under the rule of demon summoners and necromancers, the servants of powerful archdemons. It is a dangerous land where unscrupulous nobles pursue their own agendas, unfettered by either human or divine law.

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drogo-sage #2
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